Entrepreneurs encounter bad project let it die

speaking of the day of the formal establishment of the amoeba capital, founding managing partner of Wang Donghui "first meeting" to describe. After the Spring Festival in 2011, several partners in a hotel in Shanghai, Pudong, a good company name, determine the direction of investment, officially put into battle.

by the end of 2010, Wang Donghui or

Jinshan CFO, he told the board of directors and internal Lei playing the "greeting" said they had the next step of the plan. I am a financial background, but also in the listed companies and Internet Co for a long time to do financial and operational work, so naturally want to do a TMT industry fund." read more

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Taobao said Tmall was hijacked before the flow of claims filed by the court

xinhuanet.com Shanghai November 5th news (reporter Huang Anqi) "double eleven" big promotion electricity supplier in sight, Tmall and Taobao to the Shanghai Pudong New Area people’s court for preliminary injunction, called Shanghai load and network science and technology limited company "to help 5 buy website and carrier channel software (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. the" Gang of 5 Amoy "" plug-in suspected of unfair competition traffic hijacking way. Pudong court ruled that the two applicants immediately stop the insertion of web pages embedded in Tmall, Taobao’s behavior. And the carrier and the company, the company refused to accept the application for reconsideration. Pudong court hearing on the 5 sides of the organization, and made the decision to maintain the original ruling on the spot. read more

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Double 12 is coming this time with Alipay reputation play

Abstract: "we still have a line of Taobao twelve, but the line of the situation is more complex than that of large flow double eleven. The line needs to consider the problem under the vending machine, queuing problem of super Alipay security and payment system and merchant payment system." Fan Chi said that the ultimate hope is to help users find the characteristics of the surrounding businesses, while helping businesses precipitation reputation".

At the end of

is destined to chop hand eleven days, double Express has not been fully received, but also to the twelve. read more

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The Ministry of Commerce responded to fake report the State Administration for ndustry and Commerce

Ministry of Commerce responded to SAIC fake report

January 27th afternoon, 15 pm today, the Ministry of Commerce for online shopping monitoring report released before the administration of industry and commerce, in its official website issued a document that will continue to deepen the field of Internet special rectification, improve laws and regulations to make full use of the field of electronic commerce, big data, networking, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology to improve to strengthen market supervision, the government and enterprises and industry organizations. read more

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U S version of Taobao 58 City Ali Ali investment investment

, the global mobile business platform 5miles announced a $30 million B+ round of financing has been the Blue Lake capital investment fund, an early investor IDG capital, Morningside ventures and Heiner Asia are involved with the cast. It is worth noting that, with the Alibaba group and eBay related investors also participated in this round of investment, but did not disclose the name of 5miles.

public information display, 5miles is based entirely on the mobile side of the electronic business platform, mainly to provide second-hand goods trading services, as well as looking for services, looking for a room, looking for work and other O2O functions. As we all know, in the field of second-hand goods trading and services O2O, Ali’s Taobao, idle fish, 58 city and its home, has accounted for most of the market share of 58. 5miles can you still have a chance, read more

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Group purchase website should be at every step or overnight


GROUPON famous, now the domestic group purchase website is the emergence of a large number of hot war going on. Not long ago, a risk investment group purchase station is the one hundred station opened the city overnight, claiming to occupy the domestic market. For this to happen overnight, eat into a fat man’s idea, I sniff at the. Group purchase website, or step by step, step by step, the steady advance of the good.

I have been in the "group purchase station fire, individual owners have the opportunity?" a comparative analysis of the current and the classification of information group purchase tide tide, that group purchase station is high threshold, the emphasis in marketing, need to be familiar with the local situation of personnel in marketing the work ground. Through the real human to complete, not the power of procedure can be replaced, can do it not engage in propaganda. You can imagine, a city to the market, marketing, accounting and so on a total of five people, according to the annual salary of thirty thousand per person, a city of one hundred and fifty thousand to labor costs, plus office rental, hardware equipment and other miscellaneous expenses, is simply a total of two hundred thousand, the one hundred city the cost for a year is twenty million, while the actual only the cost will be more not less. Of course, if you get millions of dollars in venture capital that as it claims, so maintain website operation one or two years can still, but the risk investment can really step? If not consistently profitable, the follow-up funds can follow up is a big problem. Internet companies immediately crazy burn shock and death after a few blind expansion, once fame bokee.com is a good example. read more

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[] the domain name investment story Essay

          domain name market is very interesting, although Sina and many other portals, but also often broke a domain name and price, and a garbage broke the news. Who is the fool of Internet users, in addition to some do not understand the domain name to bring some real eye, did not have any effect on the domain name market.

          domestic real domain name gangster, also so a few. They control the industry class, or control the city class, or control a class. Each person in the hands of thousands of domain names, the value of tens of millions of dollars. These are genuine goods at a fair price.

          I love, but also have a deal with these meters Yankees, understand their stories. Special to write, to share with everyone, even the direction of positive solutions guide.

          Michong is low-key, they, in their own small circle on the meter, trading, discuss the gun (sweep program robm meters), about park,Only those who love the periphery of the

always everywhere dragging some meters to shout price. As for the big newspapers on the flicker of those meters. What sold how many million, is pure trouble and want to famous people, what a central, Liu Xiang rice, not worth a penny.

        there is a love, people often regard him as a madman, his behavior is often very crazy, in the CN market has not yet developed the occasion. He registered a.cn  b.cn – z.cn  the other half of the single letter.Cn  there are many 2 letter.Cn at the time, a.Cn domain price is more than and 300, he registered so much, they still have not seen the CN market. A lot of.Cn’s got people. The current market is P.cn such a single subtitle of the market value is 500 thousand RMB a.

    there is a love, and most of the city’s phonetic alphabet, an estimated 5000, there are also the value of gold and silver domain.

    a cadelle registered, most of the Chinese.Com industry category of words. A word was registered at 280. Now after IE 7, Chinese is very hot, IE7 direct support for Chinese.Com.

      a cadelle, selling rice is very interesting, because they do not love 4  later sold 4499.com, 4399.com will be the 100 in the world, after selling 8844.com Qomolangma drop from 8848 to 8844,. read more

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58 city announced a new round of melon seeds used car 204 million 500 thousand financing

NetEase science and technology news March 29th news, today’s domestic service platform 58 city announced that the domestic C2C used car platform melon seeds used car sales network has completed a new round of financing $204 million 500 thousand. Investors, including a number of well-known investment institutions, currently 58 city as one of its controlling shareholder.

data show that the melon used car was founded in 2014 to provide personal to personal (C2C) used car trading services.

58 city Ganji & CEO Yao Jinbo said: "China second-hand car market contains huge business China, second-hand car market is rapidly transformed in iteration." read more

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Taobao com fake January received 462 complaint letters

last month announced plans to invest 100 million yuan fake, taobao.com announced the 1 month crackdown results today. Taobao.com fake official mailbox [email protected] 1 months received 462 complaint letters, BELLE group, MaryKay cosmetics, Ordos cashmere sweater, Shanghai Senna Biological Technology Co. Ltd., Dongguan Dazhi Furniture Co. Ltd. and other dozens of brand enterprises to join the ranks of fake Taobao, information.

in the 462 complaint letters, there are about 60% of a trade complaint, the complaint has been referred to the dispute handling department to follow up treatment. About fake and shoddy goods complaints about 30%, of which individual complaints and complaints accounted for half of the brand. For the fake complaints, taobao.com professionals have follow-up treatment, and with the relevant departments in charge of the line linkage line traced the source of counterfeiting. read more

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Research on the way of alternative promotion website

to do a website many years ago is a very time-consuming and laborious money thing, from the program, if you will not be a little ASP, HTML language, such as technology, this site is no way to do it. But with the development of the times, the progress of the society, and now do a website or forum, it is no longer easy thing. From the Internet to download an open source web site program, spent two small money to help the online master to help you change, enrich the content, even if the site is successful. I will not technology, so I also belong to this kind of small adsense. Of course I’m amateur. read more

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