Zhu Wenle teach you to use the first three steps of love Shanghai Encyclopedia seckill

The third step:

love Shanghai encyclopedia rankings, we are very clear, Shanghai love their own products, if no accident, has been ranked first, a lot of Shanghai dragon feel love Shanghai ranking than Wikipedia, is a powerful thing, there are a lot of people think that after more than love Shanghai encyclopedia may be ranked harmonious off, are unfounded. Where there is love Shanghai so empty to deal with you a small website, people siege teacher are very busy! A little pull away, ha ha, now officially entered. read more

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Do a keyword ranking can be a long time in the future competition perspective

first explain the author said that not only is the target keywords including long tail keywords, in front of a good use of the relevance of keywords and constantly improve the site’s ranking "in the article clearly, a website is only one theme. But I see some friends that love get several subjects, is reluctant to give up. May be some friends at the time and did not consider the relevance of this problem, such as a web site optimization and site construction together in the title, with subjective judgment that these two words are very relevant, I can responsibly tell you that the two can only be counted on a little. Should the relevance judgment between keywords to search search engine is an important basis for. Special is even more outrageous is actually there to do in Shuangcheng city of Shanghai Longfeng, such as Dongguan Shanghai Shaoyang Shanghai dragon, dragon and phoenix. Early May to go up, but I believe that regardless of any industry in the future competition will be very fierce. The word from Shanghai dragon, in a few years ago basically not what people do Shanghai City Longfeng, now these economically developed areas of these words have become a hot word, it is not easy to row up. If you could spend a little time a few years ago to get up, now? Behind competitors more. The growing pressure of competition. Some long tail keywords are used in home to do, such as what is the Shanghai dragon I have seen several websites with home page to do, especially to do some Taobao customers slimming products, are doing some of the long tail. Now the competition is fierce. If not from the Title Correlation, and the uniqueness of the resources inside and outside the station to consider the issue, ranking up and long is not easy. For example, you want to do in two areas of Shanghai Longfeng, because station resource allocation does not come down, correlation. Probably not up to the ranking, ranking is also very easy to be transcended. read more

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