Analysis of the reasons why Japanese don’t like to start a business

Japan’s economy is relatively developed, but entrepreneurship in Japan and we did not imagine so fire. Japan’s mobile Internet plus once ahead of the rest of the world for many years. But in this round of the intelligent mobile phone as the core of the mobile Internet business tide came, we were surprised to find that China in many aspects and Japan has been in the same starting line, even more than the Japanese.

I in 2012 and 2013 respectively visited Japan two well-known mobile Internet incubator, a is a famous Japanese Vc firm in the incubator in Tokyo, one is Japan’s second largest operator KDDI launched called incubator Labo, the former is similar to China’s innovation works, which is like business incubator of the China Telecom. But in these renovated a new office inside, the number of entrepreneurial team is very small, it seems deserted, which is China’s entrepreneurial atmosphere fiery 3W coffee or garage coffee in stark contrast. read more

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College admission guide

August is coming to an end, in September will come, after a long summer vacation, college freshmen will usher in the school’s school, so as to start their new life. In short, it is now the beginning of the school day, but also the freshman enrollment peak. What needs to be prepared for college? What are the procedures for college students? Xiao Bian finishing the freshman admission guide, details are as follows:

1. with all necessary documents and supplies

in the letter of admission notice, most colleges and universities will be accompanied by a new student for the preparation of the "new guidelines" or "report notes". Students in the school must be carefully read before, the above will indicate the time of student registration, registration required to bring together the documents and materials required for admission procedures and precautions. Some schools will collect information on the Internet, students should fill in the relevant content in advance. read more

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How about investment three bears gimbap

all know gimbap is a special delicacy in Korea, and now the China catering market, Korean delicacy has always been very popular brand items, take gimbap, investment market brand for the three bears gimbap you recommend. Then the three bears gimbap how?

1953 three bears originated in the South Korean city of Seoul (today’s South Korea Seoul) was mainly Korea pickles, spicy cabbage, fried rice cake, Bibimbap gimbap, the main meal products, providing a simple and quick delicacy to the local people, because of unique taste, warm service soon spread throughout the city of Seoul. Through the development of a few years in the South caused a small stir. The three bears gimbap join conditions and lead the three bears gimbap joining fee accounted for the market. read more

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District opened a domestic soybean milk shop should pay attention to what

Soybean Milk because not only delicious and rich in nutrition, which has become a favorite drinks a lot of people, and the area of the large number of personnel for the Soybean Milk demand is also very stable, so a Soybean Milk shops in the area will become a lot of investors to. However, no matter what kind of business, if you want to succeed, naturally there are more attention. So, the District opened a domestic soybean milk shop should pay attention to what?

is now essential to everyone’s daily necessities soy milk. The key is to make the characteristics. No matter what the season, in fact, if the characteristics will attract customers. read more

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College graduates graduated from the opening process

now, due to the employment environment is more and more serious, and the state has taken measures to support college students to start their own business, which led to a growing group of college students, has aroused the concern of the whole society. The following small series to introduce a college students to start the process of opening the steamed stuffed bun.

the hero named Chen Dongdong, his father is a businessman, has more than and 20 years of experience in business, was influenced by his father, Chen Dongdong has a natural sense of business opportunities". read more

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How to drink shop decoration

a shop will be how to decorate, will directly affect the shop presents in front of the visual sense. Therefore, if you want to open a hot beverage shop business, it is necessary to do a good job related decoration. So, how to drink shop decoration? Xiao Bian to give you a brief introduction of it, if you are a beverage shop operators, to see whether the introduction of small series will help.

As long as the

in the commercial street, everyone will see many drink shops, are very similar, although there are good and bad taste, but the decoration is basically the same, there is not much difference, a lot of people do not remember the name, just do business people. A good drink shop in the decoration above the color, to attract consumers, the late business or do. How to store the store will be better? The following details. read more

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Analysis of the advantages and joining conditions of Hunan crisp tofu

What is

‘s favorite thing as a snack investor? Nothing more than to choose a good snack brand, and then the brand can quickly attract customers, so as to be able to quickly recover the investment capital. So there is no such a snack food brands? There are, of course, the crisp tofu is a good choice. The company has always adhered to the "level of price, the most comfortable enjoyment" as the belief, the development so far, has been in the region to establish a unique food image.

Xiang crisp tofu to join a brief introduction read more

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Sauerkraut stores how location good business

is a lot of friends like pickled food, a lot of friends found the sauerkraut project there are a lot of opportunities, a lot of friends to join the investment of this project, then, opening his own store sauerkraut, how should the location is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

where to open sauerkraut shop? Has been in the shop in the location of knowledge has become a major focus, had to admit that good enough to bring more profits to the address to the operator, we all know that people have a good foundation to know the shop, pick the place is to determine the crowds and traffic. Where to open sauerkraut shop? The first thing we need to think about is where people are going, not where they are going. Take a little time before opening sauerkraut stores, where the target area that can shop to calculate the traffic, actually know the distribution of people to know the development value of lots, open stores fast development sauerkraut. read more

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