What are the limits of the Xining line

recently, a lot of people on the implementation of the Xining Regional Road ban, the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the line is not very well understood, they hope that through the evening to know.

learned from the city traffic police detachment, the permitted weight more than 1 tons (including 1 tons) trucks, more than 13 passengers (including 13) Limited access to areas in the following road, prohibited passenger cars and two motorcycles daily 7:30 to 22:00 on the East Jianguo Road, West to our road; south of summer Avenue, South Gate Street and West Street to the north; 71 Road, victory road, bridge street and Menyuan road. read more

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Zhejiang chamber of Commerce to support poor college students to complete their studies

8 23, the provincial chamber of Commerce in Zhejiang, the provincial education development foundation held in Xining to support the poor families of college students in Xining funding ceremony. This is the Zhejiang chamber of Commerce for six consecutive years in our province Huangchuan middle school, Xining second, Xining fourth, fifth Xining, Xining fourteen Secondary 5 middle school poor high school students, and after graduating from high school at all levels of National University of 100 students from the continuous contributions will be an important charity event. read more

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The north area of city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau 10 morals duty supervisor posts

recently, the 10 moral obligations of supervisors hired Seongbuk Xining city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau received a letter of appointment, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, individual industrial and commercial households, community cadres and other obligations of supervisors in the wind.

according to reports, moral obligations of supervisors will be timely feedback to the masses of the work of the inspectors comments, suggestions and requests and reports reflect the law enforcement process, law enforcement officers of law enforcement is not in place or violations of the law enforcement behavior, to supervision of the law enforcement team of law enforcement. At the same time, good supervisors can also on law enforcement major action tracking inspectors, and have the right to stop violations of law enforcement officers. read more

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Xining public security departments to combat the black car action in full swing

March 9th, reporters from the city traffic bureau, the city Department of transportation, Xining City Public Security Bureau to carry out joint combat "black" illegal taxi operation management activities comprehensively in our city. Combined with the action, Xining will establish a joint law enforcement departments, the majority of the people to actively participate in the fight against the black car long-term mechanism, fundamentally solve the black car repeatedly hit the phenomenon can not help. read more

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Workers retain evidence according to law claims

Born in

1980, Xu is a company employee. In July 2005, her right hand in the work when the machine jammed, the hospital diagnosed as right index finger paratelum, damage. Because there is no labor contract signed with the company, the company refused to recognize the labor relationship between the two sides, which can only be labor arbitration.

due to the lack of self-protection awareness and rights, some workers because of injury claims to spend a lot of time and energy, and even can not get compensation. So after injury, how rights? read more

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Xining sprint to annual goals

– two – education started to adjust the layout of this winter and spring vegetables – regulating storage optimization of bus line network – completed before the end of the comprehensive reform of all public hospitals in the county of

October 12th, reporters from Xining held plenary meeting was informed that the fourth quarter, Xining city will do a good job this winter and during the Spring Festival next year, transporting vegetables reserves, optimize the adjustment of bus line network work, work related construction of sightseeing agriculture and leisure agriculture demonstration park, start education layout adjustment phase two. Complete the work of the comprehensive reform of all county public hospital in Xining city before the end of the year, to carry out the preparatory work for the 5A Museum, started at the same time, the national forest city to create work. read more

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Xining Railway Station renovation project of Chu Ying Beishan tunnel smoothly through the inclined s

17:20 on March 19th, Chu Ying Beishan tunnel smoothly through the inclined shaft. The project by the five transformation of the Xining Railway Station and related engineering headquarters responsible for the construction, the 350 meters of the North Slope Tunnel smoothly through, in order to advance into the hole construction laid the foundation.

Chu Jia Ying tunnel is the transformation of the Xining Railway Station and related engineering control project, a total length of 3130 meters, the design speed of 120 km / hour. The tunnel is located in the north of Xining Railway Station, the goods line from west Ning goods station leads, has contact wear down line, bus line, train, bus second Lanxin double line railway line, Lanxi expressway. The tunnel started in November 1, 2012 and is scheduled to be completed in March 20, 2014. (author: Kong Xiangrui Luo Changmin Wang Dachun)
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Saline Lake shares to enhance the international competitiveness of potash fertilizer with patented t

from Chinese won the patent gold medal, to the patented technology into practical productive forces, Qinghai Saline Lake industrial Limited by Share Ltd and give full play to the use of patented technology to enhance the market competitiveness of the role of the company, not only the production of potash fertilizer market share from 7.7% in 2000 expanded to 56.4% in 2013, but the domestic potash market by imports domestic, supplement, oligopoly price to domestic and imported, the world price depression ", improve the international status of China’s potash industry. read more

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Qinghai development of ice and snow sports in the forefront of the country

was invited to attend the 2016 "red desert Cup" the first deputy director of the Qinghai International Invitational curling Chinese National Winter Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center Jiang Shicai said, in the country, Qinghai is after the Beijing Winter Olympics bid, the development of ice and snow sports action relatively quickly the province, at the forefront of the country.

for the transformation of the old stadium for the international standard skating hall, Jiang Shicai with the "Qinghai speed, Qinghai quality" to praise the national plateau sports training base of the establishment of the skating rink. Reporters learned that the base of the equipment and facilities of the stadium, venue conditions, technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. read more

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Qinghai workers in hospital medical mutual protection plan will start

reporter learned from the Provincial Federation of trade unions, from the beginning of July 1st this year, the Provincial Federation of trade unions in the province will start the implementation of the Qinghai provincial hospital workers mutual medical assistance program. The first phase of the activity time from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

in order to ensure the smooth start of the first phase of the implementation of the province’s trade unions at all levels from the beginning of April to carry out a comprehensive mobilization and advocacy organizations to implement the work. To "take over" activities as the carrier, make full use of the media to carry out extensive publicity of mutual protection of medical workers activities purpose, methods and procedures, rights and obligations, and create a "mutual passion, Hui Hui has built peace", "help me, no patient disease I help people" good atmosphere. read more

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