Entrepreneurship in rural areas how to give answers to senior people

now the government is actively encouraging migrant workers to return home to start a business, rural entrepreneurship? Does this neglected market have a future? To figure out this problem, let’s take a look at the original view of a veteran.

in addition to the sale of treasure, I have to do a smart hardware company called Q technology, intelligent mobile phone and other smart devices. In recent years, the concept of intelligent hardware started, we thought the battlefield is more intelligent hardware in a second tier city, but we from 2013 to 2014 100 thousand reports that about 17.9% of rural users willing to try and buy smart hardware, so the results surprised us, we decided to go to the countryside to visit to see a look.

in the conversation, Xiao Ke told us that the village a lot of young people like him who love special electronic intelligent hardware, good-looking and fun. Usually we have nothing to do, who bought what new things will share with you, so often a friend bought, a lot of people will buy.

if that young people are in pursuit of fashion, so the elderly is the pursuit of health. In the course of the visit, we encountered a lot of middle-aged and elderly consumers, they are more concerned about intelligent medical equipment, such as intelligent blood glucose meter, intelligent blood pressure meter, as well as intelligent pulse monitor and so on these devices. Rural medical conditions are relatively deficient, so the elderly have a stronger awareness of health, like "Yangshengtang" and other programs are the most enthusiastic uncle aunt, they often get together to discuss and share the health knowledge, convenient medical equipment also has become their most anticipated goods.