Online shop business stories business start empty handed

is a very good choice in home business, the development of the Internet, more and more women go online on the road of entrepreneurship, to open a shop, some people love a mundane life, some people still love life! "Choice is more important than hard work", "today’s choice, decide your life tomorrow", what kind of life do you want? How will you choose? Are you ready? It is only when preparation meets opportunity that you may be successful"!

Jiang Ling, general manager of Shenzhen Ling Ling Trading Co., ltd.. Once, she was an engineer in Shenzhen; once, she has a stable income; once, for many girls, she is the envy of people! However, like the challenge of her, like to create something she gave up those who have, then, entrepreneurial crowd with her.

has a special liking for jewelry from a young age when she was very young, like their own design and production of some handmade jewelry, handmade jewelry to friends and family, have been praised by Jiang Ling. At the beginning of entrepreneurship, Jiang Ling decided to play to their strengths, crafts jewelry. She spent 300 yuan, bought a pile of materials to come back, their own design, made some fashionable bracelet and necklace. She took pictures of her work and sold it to Taobao, a Chinese active online trading site. Because she thinks there are more people on the site, and more girls. Sure enough, the second day of the Internet sale was bought. This allows Jiang Ling tasted the sweetness of a small woman from the United States for several days.

shop established six months, the purchase of many, so that the beginning of the business of Jiang Ling, some can not cope with. Jiang Ling consider repeatedly decided to turn the product sales. In the most active C2C site Taobao competition is fierce, in order to break the siege, the goods must be sold in a variety of styles, and update to fast. Chiang Kai Shek has a relatives in jewelry factory work, so that through the establishment of a source of contacts, the sale of finished products become a matter of course.

shop management, integrity first. In Taobao, the number of reviews indicates the seller’s reputation. The higher the credit, the better the business will be. If the customer is not satisfied, I will return, many sellers can not do this." Jiang Ling said. On the surface, the return is equivalent to a yellow business. Actually not." There was a university student in Beijing bought a bracelet more than and 200 yuan, said very well received, but wear feel ugly, Jiang Ling after communication unconditionally give her a change of style, let the other very surprised, because she knew that Taobao rarely have no quality problems to return the. And not long after the efforts of Chiang Ling in return, the college students rushed to her integrity and beauty of the goods, but also to buy more than 500 yuan jewelry, has become a loyal customer. As long as the students around the family and friends who want to buy jewelry or to buy gifts, she must spare no effort to introduce them to the shop. Sincerely win guest recommendation