Hangzhou public space to create entrepreneurial seeds

creative space is the incubator of innovation and entrepreneurship, resources, projects, capital for a full range of docking. Hangzhou as the leading city of innovation and entrepreneurship in China, has built a number of mature public space, a lot of entrepreneurial projects.


multi-creation what is space? On January 28, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the concept of the State Council executive meeting, in hackerspaces, based on innovation factory incubator model, vigorously develop the market, specialization, integration and network of the public record space, incubation and investment to achieve innovation and entrepreneurship, and the combination of online and offline open integrated platform, to provide low-cost, small and micro enterprise innovation development and individual business facilitation, all elements of the.

"let the innovation become common practice in the whole society." The fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee stressed the need to foster the development of new power, optimize the allocation of labor, capital, land, technology, management and other elements, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial vitality, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. Created in the space of the public, it is the integration of elements, to play their own resources, and jointly create the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Hangzhou.

value of a cup of coffee

"say we are a coffee shop, but is actually more like a meeting room." Li Yanping, founder and CEO, said in May this year, the floor will be identified as the first batch of Hangzhou city public space, currently settled in more than 50 companies, more than 80% have access to financing. We provide office space, investment, talent docking, capital docking, project reporting, business consulting and other entrepreneurial services." She said that these projects, the vast majority have never been facing the market, behind a cup of coffee, the circle, resources, capital butt.