College graduates graduated from the opening process

now, due to the employment environment is more and more serious, and the state has taken measures to support college students to start their own business, which led to a growing group of college students, has aroused the concern of the whole society. The following small series to introduce a college students to start the process of opening the steamed stuffed bun.

the hero named Chen Dongdong, his father is a businessman, has more than and 20 years of experience in business, was influenced by his father, Chen Dongdong has a natural sense of business opportunities".

and most of the college graduates, Chen Dongdong after graduating from university without four resume, busy looking for work, but to open a baozipu.

how to make the good taste of the bun is the first problem, Chen Dongdong had several stores and buns, refer to these shop operations, and ultimately chose a baozi Inn not far from his home, and decided to go to the store a.