Analysis of the advantages and joining conditions of Hunan crisp tofu

What is

‘s favorite thing as a snack investor? Nothing more than to choose a good snack brand, and then the brand can quickly attract customers, so as to be able to quickly recover the investment capital. So there is no such a snack food brands? There are, of course, the crisp tofu is a good choice. The company has always adhered to the "level of price, the most comfortable enjoyment" as the belief, the development so far, has been in the region to establish a unique food image.

Xiang crisp tofu to join a brief introduction

crisp tofu flavor join conditions:

1, submit enterprise information, including: business license, tax registration, corporate code card, operator ID card.

2, the identification of the brand and the corporate culture of Hunan province.

3, in addition to the franchise fee, the franchisee must have basic investment costs and a certain amount of liquidity.

4, to be able to obtain the legal qualification and other procedures and permits.

5, the recognition of the headquarters of the system, to maintain the image of the headquarters of the company logo.

6, honest and good interpersonal skills.

7, must have the team cooperation spirit, and has certain management ability.

Xiang crisp tofu joined the advantages:

1, brand advantage

After the years of experience in the market, the taste of stinky tofu brand

has its own place in the market, which is also higher than the same industry.

2, product advantages

Hunan crisp Stinky tofu since the market, has always been the favorite of young consumer groups, the existing franchise system, most of the franchisees from Hunan crisp Stinky tofu consumers, part of the franchisee also opened two stores, three stores, the regional agency, formed a "former leisure consumption, investment shop today" a story.

3, technical advantages

Hunan crisp Stinky tofu is one of the more dependent on technology brands, in addition to the headquarters can not regularly provide technical training, but also free of charge for the franchise to provide technical service upgrade, fully guarantee the high quality service stores.

4, training advantage "