The whole of two small shops gathered popularity

a shop business is hot, in fact, with the popularity of the store is a very big relationship. So, want to open a business is more popular in the shop, but also need to make efforts in the popularity of the above. So, how can we gather more popularity for the store? Here, let Xiaobian to introduce two ways to gather popularity.


type billiards popularity Tim

in order to make the store more popular, in addition to the use of chess poker, public telephone, standby pump these convenient villagers, but a small way to gather popularity, I also made a sensation in the village more bold decision to gather popularity.

opened a consignment shop for third years, I have to get rid of the original $nine hundred and sixty to start up the shop when the embarrassing situation stretched out, the first time in the hands of a few thousand dollars savings.

at this time, the city has just started a hot pool. Many rural people in addition to basketball table tennis, I do not know what is billiards. I was busy when considering, many villagers have nothing to do, if there is a table tennis, is not to attract eyeballs, gathered popularity, add wealth?

holding a try mentality, I asked people to help pull back the two table tennis, small courtyard in the use of a few trees do pillars, put up a large colored plastic shed, sunny day can be sun, rain can stop the rain.

at that time, billiards in the city has just been popular, in the eyes of rural people is very novel. Just put a pool to pull back, attracted adults and children even elderly villagers and many other people came to watch the strange, many people play, the crowd is more, even outside the village of young people are attracted to me all through the night to play table tennis, I was used to describe the bustling situation right in front of the canteen but the.

these two billiard tables to help me gather the popularity brought me benefits, in addition to operating the benefits of billiards itself, the canteen turnover has been significantly improved.

2, charge calls but also add type

now, with the increase in the number of migrant workers in rural areas, the rest of the country are left behind the elderly and children, business is becoming increasingly depressed. However, with the popularity of mobile phones, I found a new way to gather popularity.

with the improvement of people’s living standards, almost every family has a mobile phone in the countryside, accompanied by a new problem, too far away from the urban areas of the countryside, leaving the old man to pay the phone bill becomes a problem.

have a computer, I learned to use Alipay mobile phone to charge the bill, in order to facilitate everyone, I carried out free of charge calls to all the business, as the payment >