Datong hospital maternal amniotic fluid embolism Paul doctor timely rescue of mother and child Net

in Shanxi Datong, a mother at the time of production, suddenly amniotic fluid embolism, serious danger, luck is met a group of high technology, strong sense of responsibility of the doctor, the medical team of Shanxi Third People’s Hospital of Datong, after five hours of intense rescue, the mother pulled back from the dead line. Gave birth to the baby, mother and child


is due to amniotic fluid embolism in amniotic fluid and obstetric complications tangible substances into the maternal blood circulation caused by the potential danger. Amniotic fluid mainly by cervical mucosa and placental venous sinus into the maternal blood circulation, causing abnormal body allergy and coagulation mechanism, cause a series of pathological changes, caused by maternal pulmonary embolism, shock, disseminated intravascular coagulation, renal failure or sudden death. Amniotic fluid embolism is not unusual, there is no sign of the occurrence of the disease, as long as the mortality rate as high as 80%, known as the maternal killer".

to participate in the activities of medical doctors was taking a break, but the patient’s order is dangerous, from their home to participate in the rescue of patients of fighting, he Xingyi Department of Anesthesiology and patient doctor in charge Li Kaiyu was called back from the graduate exam.

For this

willing to sacrifice their time to the doctor, we should show more respect, they work hard, save two lives, brought life security to the maternal and child, saved the happiness of a family. Deputy director of Obstetrics director Mei Xiaoxia, chief physician Wang Xiaoqing, Yan Li medical department, Department of general surgery director Ma Yiming, director of the Yan Xiuling ICU, Guo Meilian, director of gynecology department of blood transfusion Zhang Hongtao doctor and anesthesia doctors etc..

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