What are the advantages of Rosa cake how net

Rosa cake brand is a brand of the head office, founded in Changsha in March 1993. Has a history of 23 years, that can exist so long brands have their business success in the more than and 20 years of the cause of the rapid development of Rosa cake brand, the market has covered Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Jiangxi 11 city, has a group company, headquartered in Changsha, including Rosa Rosa cake, Taipei Soybean Milk, Rosa steak three series of products, has 11 companies, more than and 200 chain stores, more than 1000 employees, is one of the largest domestic pastry industry enterprises. Liuzhou Food, Yake coffee is Rosa’s sister company. Rosa has become a well-known brand in the food industry.

company to "Rosa" as the brand, the main production of international popular taste cake, bread, pastry, moon cake and other four categories of products, more than and 200 varieties. Rosa in the Hunan market in the introduction of plant cream cake, with its elegant appearance, the entrance is not greasy, taste easily melted and loved by customers, leading to a healthy fashion consumer market.

Rosa cake joining advantage

1. perfect quality assurance, high customer turnover rate;

2. national unified brand, unified retail price;

3. under the agreed conditions, to provide you with the best quality after-sales service to ensure that the agent in the region’s exclusive right to operate the brand;

Regional protection measures, improve the

4. to Chuanhuo circulation;

5. advanced marketing planning, printing promotional materials, on-site help sales POP, brand image with materials such as timely delivery;

6. continuous innovation of sophisticated products, continuous flow;

7. regular activities support, according to the season and the humanities system each month to develop different promotional programs;

8. sustained considerable profit margins.

Rosa cake join condition

1, Rosa cake shop franchisee has legal personality, with a certain economic strength, good reputation, reliable credit.

2, Rosa cake shop franchisee owned business premises, commercial area of about 30-200 square meters; non owner of the franchisee, the lease period of at least five years.

3, the city should have a certain scale and level of consumption, business premises must be in the more prosperous urban streets, convenient transportation, with a certain amount of traffic