Feel the warmth of the government’s care for the poor Xining public welfare workers to send warmth

January 16th, the Spring Festival approaching, Xining City Federation of trade unions, labor and Social Security Bureau of condolences to the 30 poor workers in the city public positions, as they send grain and other necessities and money, so that they truly feel the loving care of the party and the government and trade unions.

is currently in Xining City, a total of 3470 public post coordinators, most of them older, there are old and small, husband and wife both laid off, there are children in college, with my spouse or serious illness life is very difficult. The condolences of the 30 poor workers, the City Federation of trade unions, the city’s labor and Social Security Bureau and the employing units on the basis of careful investigation and screening out.

to do a better job of public post staff to help the work, in the future, the Xining municipal labor and social security departments will actively coordinate with the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the difficulties workers all eligible to trade union aid management system, to carry out targeted health care, help, life rescue relief and assistance, and to solve the practical difficulties of public positions of poor people.