33 report to the public to honor the award

In order to protect the environment, so that the majority of people are actively involved in the suppression of air pollution in the battle, the Xining evening news joint Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in September to the end of November tackling air pollution control stage, within the city to carry out illegal acts of air pollution award. November 27th, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau began to report the second batch of 33 people to honor the award. It is understood that the reporting platform from the opening in September 26th, there have been many people to participate in this event, in October 23rd the city environmental protection bureau to honor the first batch of informants reward. For the environmental problems around, a lot of people to maintain a high degree of concern, and violations of some air pollution zero tolerance ": Ms. Cao calls to report Qilian road Beishan market junction road dust; Huang Zhong Lu and Mr. Qu call report at the crossroads of the road at the Golog restaurants in the oil smoke pollution; report Mr. Li Bei Da Jie Nan Yu Jing Jiayi Hotel alley black smoke…… With one by one report was implemented, some environmental violations have been hit. City Environmental Protection Bureau, according to the report prizes activities rules, from the beginning of the second batch of informants recently began to honor the award, the prize money will be honored by way of prepaid recharge. At present, reporting prize activity continues, the public can call the telephone report of Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau 24 hour hotline 12369 or Xining Evening News Hotline 8230541, also can send messages to [email protected]; the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official Tencent micro-blog xiningshihuanbao, Xining evening news official Tencent micro-blog also accept the report in the open. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official said, the public through email, micro-blog reported, with environmental violations please picture, and leave contact information, for evidence of law enforcement officers; for to participate in the award. The activities of the public, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will be kept confidential to the public telephone, personal information, according to reports from the public illegal behavior the degree of pollution, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will be given 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, 1000 yuan of economic incentives.