Emergency plan for emergency rescue of Xining

days ago, Xining municipal government formulated the "Xining city fire emergency rescue plan", "plan" the accident emergency command agencies and responsibilities, fire-fighting and rescue headquarters set up public security fire brigade military officers for the head of the Department is mainly responsible for human members, make a decision on approval of major fire accident the overall fire rescue plan, mobilize all fire-fighting and rescue forces, mobilize fire relief supplies and transport, release disaster information, to ensure that in the event of danger, fire emergency rescue forces in the region to rapid response and effective disposal.

"plan" will be the disposal of the accident into a police, two police, three police, four police, five police in five stages, each stage put forward specific requirements for safety protection measures for the members of the unit, personnel and vehicles. At the same time, the establishment of emergency security system, ensure equipment and fire extinguishing agent supply, especially special equipment and personal protective equipment must be in place to ensure security; fighting oil supplies, personnel accommodation and vehicle supply; ensure health, diet health, reduce disease and ensure combat effectiveness. Headquarters should also be based on the actual needs of tents, tables, chairs, generators and lighting facilities, to provide a strong backing for the front line. (author: Yuan Lijun)