Cup ten brands list

in the process of human existence, water plays a very important role, after all, Water is the Source of Life, add water must have a good cup, Xiaobian summary ten cup brand rankings are as follows, these manufacturers can be regarded as the cup elite backbone, worthy of trust and expectation.

cup ten brands list: NO.1


Shanghai Sinoe houseware Co. Ltd., cup ten brand, founded in 1999, the domestic high-end brand cup pot, double cup industry standards, Founder Technology and wonderful cup cup. Pacino, founded in 1999, Chinese high-end pot leading brand; founder of China technology cup and the wonderful cup; "double cup" China industry standards; director of pot Industry Association; China annual meeting organizer cup activities; engineering technology research center of Jiangsu province has nearly a hundred industry patent.

cup ten brands list: NO.2

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arrow glassware (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., Luminarc glass, ten brands, ten brands of lunch boxes, originated in France in 1825, one of the world’s oldest table art brand, top global glass / crystal field. Luminarc (Lamia) is a pure glass bow under the banner of the brand. Luminarc (LE) is currently the best quality of the most expensive glassware.

cup ten brands list: Apple


Anhui Deli glassware Limited by Share Ltd, green apple, glass cup – ten brand, famous brand in Anhui Province, Anhui province famous brand, listed companies, high-tech enterprises, industry standard drafting units, specialized in glassware production and sales enterprises. Anhui Deli daily glass Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2002, the birthplace of China’s reform and opening up, China’s Quartz Township – Anhui, founded in Fengyang, specializing in the production and sale of daily-use glassware.

cup ten brands list: Libby


Libby (Chinese) glass products Co. Ltd., began in 1818 in the United States, wine glass – ten brands, listed companies in the United States, the world’s largest manufacturer of glass tableware. Libbey Inc was founded in 1818, was originally established in Cambridge, Massachusetts, formerly known as the new England glass company. In 1888, the company moved to Ohio, Toledo and in 1892 was named the Libby glass company.

cup ten brands list: haers


Zhejiang haers vacuum vessel Co. "