National top ten young pioneers Xining tiger Taiwan High School Zhang Shuming list

recently, Xining city tiger Taiwan middle school grade one young pioneers schoolmate Zhang Shuming was named the thirteenth "national top ten young pioneers", this is the province following the 2006 Yushu primary school students after the red flag suonan bugee, second won the "national top ten young pioneers" honorary title of our province young pioneers.

in July this year, in accordance with the spirit of the central document, combined with the province’s top ten young pioneers of the selection work, the provincial Party committee recommended Zhang Shuming students to participate in the Thirteenth National top ten young pioneers. In August the "national top ten young pioneers" review committee accepted more than 30 selected "national top ten young pioneers" official candidates, in China Young Pioneers website, "Chinese youth" and other related media published a brief introduction and votes. Since then, the National Organizing Committee according to the national majority of young pioneers vote and Review Committee for comprehensive evaluation and careful consideration based on a comprehensive investigation, identified the thirteenth "national top ten young pioneers".