North six district to enhance the city fashion taste

This year, the north area of foundation and make full use of the existing conditions, through technological innovation, industrial restructuring, initially built multifunctional business service area in chain stores, shopping, leisure and entertainment, enhance residents fashion consumption ability. [] Chaoyang Chaoyang cultural circle around the construction of logistics park, Chaoyang Road and Chaoyang Street commercial street business cultural construction as a breakthrough, to catering, accommodation, construction of culture, entertainment and service industry as the leading logistics park Business District Chaoyang cultural services. [] around the Park Service District high tech Industrial Park and Industrial Park, biological equipment manufacturing park, University of science and Technology Demonstration Park Park consumer demand, and actively guide the catering, retail and entertainment enterprises settled in the park surrounding the development of commercial, service industry and circulation industry park service business circle. [] business enterprise service flow around people Xigang company workers living and the surrounding areas of population, production and life, culture and entertainment consumption demand, in the large enterprise services District three of the village located in the development of life information distribution service industry "". [green corridor] District Xichuan area carefully to create a number of characteristics, highlighting humanities heritage and attractive rural villages, the construction of large Baoziwan area has the fashion, entertainment, science, folk culture, leisure and Tourism Promotion Center picking recognized species and tourism sightseeing characteristics. [Beichuan River District] relying on the financial and commercial center surrounding Biotechnology Park, Qinghai University Park and Chaoyang logistics park, and actively build the core business, livable, Binhai commercial and Cultural District, wetland park, leisure resorts, residential area. [bridge] Bridge Street to street shopping district as the center, to Menyuan Road extension and the Sea Lake Road Unicom as an opportunity to accelerate the development of hotel accommodation, catering and entertainment and other traditional services, to better gather people, logistics, information flow, cultivate new growth point of financial and tax.