Notice of Xining Municipal People’s Government

To enhance the Xining city road passenger transport service quality, to create a national civilized city to create a good traffic service environment, in accordance with the "supervision according to law, combining guidance, tackling the problem in a comprehensive" principle, the Xining Municipal People’s government decided in the city within the organization to carry out centralized combat "black" and other illegal business behavior of road passenger transport special rectification action. Notice is as follows:

1. All kinds of motor vehicles without the permission of the road transport administration agencies, and engaging in road transport activities without authorization, are illegal business practices.


two, the special rectification action is illegal in the city taxi management behavior; illegal taxi passenger lines operating and offsite taxi news operations management behavior; illegal tourism passenger rental management behavior; passenger lines one vehicle speeding, do not follow the approved line operation, qualification does not match, the scope of business and reselling the tourist peccancy management behavior; taxi capacity car appearance is not standard, fight off, Shuaike, incorrect use meter and other illegal business practices; both sides of the road vehicle Luantingluanfang violations.

three, involved in illegal behavior in the passenger business, upon notice from the date must immediately stop the illegal operation activities, otherwise the vehicle will be withheld, and in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations to give high limit penalties.

four, taxi Shuaike, fight off, incorrect use of the meter and other illegal acts, in accordance with the "taxi driver standard management agreement" provisions, the first violation given outage 30 days, second violations of the given outage 60 days, third violations of the given outage 90 days and give high limit of punishment according to the relevant laws and regulations, to more than three violations will not engage in car rental business.

five, to dominate the market, the mob, obstruct the law to carry out special rectification actions, handed over to the public security organs according to law. If a criminal offence is constituted, criminal liability shall be investigated according to law.

six, I hope the general public to consciously resist and refuse to take the illegal operation of vehicles, and actively report and expose and provide clues, cooperate with law enforcement officers to combat illegal trading behavior, protect their legitimate rights and interests are not infringed.

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Xining Municipal People’s government

April 7, 2013