Xining North District tax land tax to cooperate closely to promote tax

September 7th, the North District tax bureau, the north of the Inland Revenue Department held a joint meeting of cooperation, common discussion, consultation with the local government to work together to further broaden the field of cooperation, innovative forms of cooperation.

in recent years, the north area of state and local taxation to strengthen cooperation in the work, the integration of administrative resources, strengthen supervising and promoting the integrity of the tax, tax services to optimize and improve management efficiency, improve efficiency, standardize the tax law enforcement and achieved some results. The tax coordination, mutual cooperation and mutual support, and concerted efforts, strengthen law enforcement efforts, optimize the tax service, to better establish the tax image, achieve the good situation of state and local taxpayers, win three.

in January 2007 to the end of June, the IRS total bureau of tax of 160500.77 yuan, including 23906.71 yuan urban construction tax, education surcharge of 15171.82 yuan, the personal income tax 119987.94 yuan, 1434.30 yuan of special education. To the Inland Revenue Department to pass the tax registration certificate information 557, the information of 2785 copies, the change of 83, the data of the 332, canceled the 392. (author: Zhang Xiaoxin,)