Xining will ban the removal of a number of farmers do not meet the standards of the market

in Xining city with ongoing work and Chuangwei City Business Bureau years will transform 7 farmers market work plan, this year the city will have a group does not meet the standards, and influence the city development and environmental protection of the farmers market has been banned, removal or demolition.

July 7th, reporters from the Municipal Commerce Department learned that, in order to make our city farmers market to paddle to the city, goods neatly, no stalls Jeeves, no overflow stand "and" the tongue "phenomenon, health management and daily cleaning and sanitation facilities are complete, good food distribution stalls to strictly implement the relevant regulations. According to the relevant provisions of" standard "national sanitary city" in Xining city and a crucial period of Chuangwei farmers market special rectification program ", the recent city will of some main city farmers market to carry out special rectification, which will comply with the relevant threshold standard" to create the National Health City, and 2 – 3, convenient transportation the geographical position is superior, convenient service function is prominent, the larger the volume of market transactions in the four District farmers market range, standardization will help closed its reconstruction and standardization Demonstration market. At the same time, for some do not meet the requirements of the rectification, but also for the further development of the city and environmental protection and other agricultural markets have a certain impact on the ban or removal, removal treatment.