Tomorrow select the most beautiful Plaza


10 pm to 12 pm, sponsored by the municipal government in the evening the most beautiful building second public voting will be carried out in the sunning Plaza, vote for a chance to win prizes, and can enjoy the beautiful.

walking the streets of Xining, tall buildings and vividly, so that we can deeply feel the Xining city turn the world upside down changing atmosphere, the village, the red brick house, barren gully all fade away, replaced by Shangri-La, the international village, Le Louvre Museum Museum, the new millennium international…… A building full of modern edifice of the bustling city, European fashion, traditional houses, the plateau landscape, many of the most beautiful elements embodied in these projects, so that the people of Xining and the metropolitan, and more and more close to the international market. The beauty of the city, is inseparable with the characteristics of each landscape development contribution, and also the development of their own beauty complement each other. Therefore, the discovery of the United States, that is, the beauty of the city. The evening of the United States and the United States and the United States has entered the final selection of the final battle of the United States and the United States, the real estate show elegant demeanor competing, the most beautiful building selection is not only a strong reaction in the industry, but also into the lives of the masses.

tomorrow evening the most beautiful building second popular vote activities will be held, in the sunning Plaza so far, looking for the most beautiful Xining construction activity has intensified, the reporter found that the development of Xining and its business has long been mood.according, Shangri-La city garden, golden sun, Jin Sheng, New Millennium International, Hengchang Lido, crape myrtle the new Hualian Plaza, Riviera Garden, Ningxia purple constant housing group, Hui City, limeng commercial Lane have come up with the skills and characteristics compared to spell, Gexianshentong, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea. The Shengze city project is thought to improve the shanty town workers housing, improve the quality of the city to launch their own properties for sale, can be described as another kind of beauty". During the voting, Xining, the most beautiful building candidate real estate will be displayed on the scene, promotion, for your room time and effort, to provide help for your purchase. At the same time, organizers also introduced a number of cars for everyone to enjoy, to choose the most beautiful, take the prize, housing housing, sunning Plaza will continue to brilliant tomorrow. (author: Xiao Yu)