The second Lanzhou Xinjiang power supply project completed

In order to protect the second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Project on schedule put into operation, the project of power supply project to promote the second lanzhou. 19:15 on September 11th, Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway second double power supply project (Qinghai section) 330 thousand volt Menyuan traction substation charged successfully, marking the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Passenger Dedicated Line power supply project completed, laid a solid foundation for the second Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Engineering post operation play. Second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Engineering is an electrified high-speed railway, the railway artery across Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces, a total length of 1776 kilometers, of which 268 kilometers in Qinghai, is the national implementation of the western development strategy of landmark projects, but also an important part of the Eurasian Continental Bridge railway channel. Train design speed of 250 kilometers per hour. In order to ensure the normal operation of high-speed railway, Lanzhou two-line power supply project, the project has a total dry section of Qinghai beach, Xining, Ledu, Datong, Menyuan, min and 6 traction substation. According to reports, traction substation is mainly for railway passenger dedicated line electric locomotive power supply. The 330 thousand volt traction substation is the second project of Menyuan Lanzhou (Qinghai section) and losing traction substation, Xining traction substation put into operation after the third substations, which means that Qinghai has 3 traction substations in a line, to achieve a cross section of charged. As the second Lanzhou Xinjiang supporting projects, the national Power Grid Corp invested 780 million yuan in building the second Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway electrification project supporting 330 thousand volt power supply, in addition to the 6 traction substation, Qinghai electric power company needs to build 330 thousand volts in Qinghai switching station 2, extension 330 thousand volt substation station 8, the laying of 330 thousand kV transmission line 11 a total of 349.6 kilometers. At present, the State Grid Qinghai electric power company is fully deployed in Qinghai section of the other 3 of the 330 thousand volt traction station of the joint test, the elimination of lack of acceptance, etc.. According to the project operation plan, Datong, dry beach traction station will be at the end of September coming into operation; Ledu traction station is expected to put into operation in November.