Xining flood prevention work will be held this summer less local weather disasters

May 13th, Xining flood control work will be arranged this year’s flood prevention work. Flood season is approaching, it is predicted that from June to September rainfall of less than one to 40%, but due to topographic factors, local convective weather will occur, the flood situation is still grim.

Xining flood season weather?

each year from June to August is the main flood season in Xining. According to the meteorological department forecast that this year during the main flood season, rainfall in Xining area between 173.1 mm to 230.8 mm, compared with the same period last year, less than 20%.

– June, in July, the local rainfall of less than three to 50%.

– August rainfall of more than one to 20%, showing a relatively low initial period, slightly more than the latter trend.

– September precipitation are two to 30%.

flood season this year, Xining City, the proportion of precipitation for young children, the risk of a higher stage of drought, drought may occur in some areas. Although the main flood season precipitation is too small, due to the complex terrain in Xining, coupled with the impact of Precipitation Factors in flood season, local heavy rainfall, lightning, hail and other weather disasters are still prone to flash floods caused by geological disasters.

flood control how to do?

in order to ensure safe flood season in 2015 this year, the flood prevention work adhere to the prevention and steady putting the word policy, pay close attention to the implementation of measures to ensure the reservoir dam, the main river, ditch flood flow, flood waterlogging in the city ruled out in a timely manner, science and defense, the maximum reduction of disaster losses.

* Xining will further implement the flood control safety responsibility system, the region will strictly implement the responsibility system of administrative responsibility as the core of the flood control responsibility system, flood control on the agenda. Encountered dangerous situations, the main leaders, leaders in charge of the first time to the scene command, disposal, and timely reporting of water, disaster.

– the face of the upcoming flood season, Xining County flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters and the water sector will pay close attention to the completion of water damage restoration work, to speed up the construction progress of emergency flood prevention project. Water administrative departments will focus on the ecological management of water conservancy projects, speed up the work of small and medium rivers, flood control and flood control flood warning.

– well water, pond and reservoir engineering area of silt dike and protection work etc.. On construction projects and key wading storage facilities such as flood control and dangerous sections, to carry out a dragnet inspection, leak filled, establish perfect system of safe operation of water prevention and control.

– strict implementation of 24 hours on duty and leadership class flood control system. Give full play to the role of meteorological information and flood warning system, pay close attention to and grasp the rain, flood, flood disaster, dynamic, issue relevant information and timely warning notification.

met waterlogging how to do?