Zhejiang chamber of Commerce to support poor college students to complete their studies

8 23, the provincial chamber of Commerce in Zhejiang, the provincial education development foundation held in Xining to support the poor families of college students in Xining funding ceremony. This is the Zhejiang chamber of Commerce for six consecutive years in our province Huangchuan middle school, Xining second, Xining fourth, fifth Xining, Xining fourteen Secondary 5 middle school poor high school students, and after graduating from high school at all levels of National University of 100 students from the continuous contributions will be an important charity event.

Qinghai chamber of Commerce in Zhejiang was established in 2003. The chamber of Commerce will not forget the society, actively undertake social responsibility, fulfill its social obligations, and contribute to the development of education and social harmony and stability in Qinghai.

this year, the Zhejiang chamber of Commerce in Xining funded 100 outstanding poor students in the city, is the funding of the project funded the first phase of the activities of the fund, the amount of subsidy of RMB 500 thousand yuan, each student is $5000 yuan.