Xining public security departments to combat the black car action in full swing

March 9th, reporters from the city traffic bureau, the city Department of transportation, Xining City Public Security Bureau to carry out joint combat "black" illegal taxi operation management activities comprehensively in our city. Combined with the action, Xining will establish a joint law enforcement departments, the majority of the people to actively participate in the fight against the black car long-term mechanism, fundamentally solve the black car repeatedly hit the phenomenon can not help.

according to yunguanchu survey, currently gathered up to more than and 20 points in the city "black car", focus on the rhyme ieguchi, mutual Road, Lake Road in the wholesale market. The number of black car, sent from Xining to mutual aid, people, Qilian, colleagues and other places, the black car are more than 100 units, the models are Santana, Hyundai, Xiali, MITSUBISHI, etc.. These black car rampant activities, but in the event of a traffic accident or travel disputes, black car owners do not bear the responsibility for compensation for passengers, the legitimate rights and interests of passengers can not be effectively protected.

the city has set up a special management leadership team, a joint law enforcement team composed yunguanchu inspection team and district public security, urban management and other departments to act. In this action, I will focus on the fight against illegal activities led and organizers, especially to combat illegal operators dominate the market, monopoly market, forced transactions, mafia and disrupt the market order of the gang; investigate illegal operation of the black car, fake operating license passenger cars and their operation different rental cars and motorcycles, vans and other vehicles and other illegal acts; key management main line, airport, station, wharf, hotels, hospitals, commodity markets, tourism scenic area, new residential and suburban areas of illegal operation of vehicles and reselling customers, disrupting the market management order behavior.