Saline Lake shares to enhance the international competitiveness of potash fertilizer with patented t

from Chinese won the patent gold medal, to the patented technology into practical productive forces, Qinghai Saline Lake industrial Limited by Share Ltd and give full play to the use of patented technology to enhance the market competitiveness of the role of the company, not only the production of potash fertilizer market share from 7.7% in 2000 expanded to 56.4% in 2013, but the domestic potash market by imports domestic, supplement, oligopoly price to domestic and imported, the world price depression ", improve the international status of China’s potash industry.


is located in the Qinghai plateau in the hinterland of the Qaidam Basin is rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium, lithium and other resources. Among them, the total area of 5856 square kilometers of the Saline Lake is China’s largest potassium magnesium salt deposit, the total amount of various types of resources amounted to 601 tons. Committed to the development of Saline Lake resources Qinghai Saline Lake industrial Limited by Share Ltd, through independent innovation and scientific research, so that enterprises gradually grow into the largest potash fertilizer production enterprises.

2001, borne by the company "by carnallite potassium chloride production method for China Patent Gold Award; 2013, invention patent" solid potash dissolved transformation method, a reverse flotation tailings carnallite potassium chloride production method, the utility model patent "a floating type brine pump" three techniques for 3 consecutive years won the Chinese patent award. Among them, the technology of dissolved solid potash transformation method "to observe the sporadic low grade solid potassium Seoul Khan Saline Lake has long cannot be used to mining resources, mining grade decreased from 8% to 2% solid potash from the new economic base, potash reserves of 1.37 tons, equivalent to recycling a cha Er Saline Lake, the" sweat potassium low grade mineral development in our country has reached the international advanced level.

up to now, the company has applied for 73 patents, including invention patents, utility model patents 36, 37. The invention patent has been granted 11 patents and utility model patents, and the 5 technologies are listed in the catalogue of the advanced applicable technology of comprehensive utilization of mineral resources in the state. The person in charge of the work of technology company executives said: "through the patent application, the core technology of the enterprise can be effectively protected; more important is through the implementation of patent technology transformation, so that enterprises have huge economic benefits in production."