Qinghai development of ice and snow sports in the forefront of the country

was invited to attend the 2016 "red desert Cup" the first deputy director of the Qinghai International Invitational curling Chinese National Winter Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center Jiang Shicai said, in the country, Qinghai is after the Beijing Winter Olympics bid, the development of ice and snow sports action relatively quickly the province, at the forefront of the country.

for the transformation of the old stadium for the international standard skating hall, Jiang Shicai with the "Qinghai speed, Qinghai quality" to praise the national plateau sports training base of the establishment of the skating rink. Reporters learned that the base of the equipment and facilities of the stadium, venue conditions, technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Jiang Shicai said, Duoba skating hall built, will become the future of the national team, the local team important plateau training base, is to provide a place for winter sports mass, marks the winter sports events in China South show westward expansion has made substantial progress.

it is understood that the South West expansion is an important development strategy of China’s winter sports, in order to achieve the common development of China’s ice and snow movement in the country. All along, the northeast is China ice snow sports camp, the camp is gradually to the South extension, with strong economic development in China, with Beijing and Zhangjiakou’s successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics opportunity, winter sports Chinese "North South" exhibition will undoubtedly have more beautiful future.

Jiang Shicai said that the construction of the international standard Duoba skating hall, organized by the international curling tournament, this is a pragmatic move development of winter sports in Qinghai Province, is the winter sports "South West show expansion" substantial progress.

he said, more commendable is that Duoba itself as the national sports training base, improve the supporting facilities, completed in the skating hall, for the national team training, team training, and the local youth mass winter sports reserve personnel training, to carry out the project will continue to play a huge role.

12 11, the State Sports General Administration of winter sports management center and the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau jointly signed the "support for the development of winter sports in Qinghai strategic cooperation agreement". Jiang Shicai said that the State Sports General Administration winter sports management center will give full support to the project planning, technology, personnel and other aspects. In the future there will be an international and domestic competition for the sport of ice, and the winter sports team in Qinghai will be established to support the coaches, talents and equipment. He also revealed that cross-country skiing, speed skating and other projects are highly dependent on the physical fitness of athletes, the future of the national team is also expected to carry out targeted altitude training in the dopa base.