Qinghai workers in hospital medical mutual protection plan will start

reporter learned from the Provincial Federation of trade unions, from the beginning of July 1st this year, the Provincial Federation of trade unions in the province will start the implementation of the Qinghai provincial hospital workers mutual medical assistance program. The first phase of the activity time from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

in order to ensure the smooth start of the first phase of the implementation of the province’s trade unions at all levels from the beginning of April to carry out a comprehensive mobilization and advocacy organizations to implement the work. To "take over" activities as the carrier, make full use of the media to carry out extensive publicity of mutual protection of medical workers activities purpose, methods and procedures, rights and obligations, and create a "mutual passion, Hui Hui has built peace", "help me, no patient disease I help people" good atmosphere.

on this basis, the timely organization of qualified workers to participate in the first phase of activities. In order to reflect the nature of mutual aid activities, by the trade union of workers in a unified, individual workers do not accept in alone. Units that have not yet established trade unions shall be unified by the employees of the regional and trade union organizations. Workers pay mutual gold is difficult, the administrative unit, the trade union may subsidize. The filing difficulties workers helping poor workers available gold mutual funds to pay. Before June 20th, the gold mutual and relevant information to participate in the activities of the layers reported and aggregated to the Provincial Federation of trade unions.

it is reported that the Provincial Federation of trade unions in good co-ordination arrangements at the same time, to carry out information management system are wildly beating gongs and drums of software development and related system formulated detailed work flow planning, the relevant departments to coordinate the cooperative work, in order to regulate the orderly implementation of Qinghai Province Hospital medical workers mutual protection scheme to lay a good foundation.