Write a wonderful life with ideals and dreams

1 the afternoon of 21 March, the Spring Festival is approaching, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng Commission, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, governor Wang Jianjun made a special trip to visit the third batch of aid youth cadres and their families, to send greetings and thanks for sending units on behalf of the provincial government.

"is the work going well? The body also adapt? What are the difficulties in life?" Visit condolences, Wang Jianjun looked at their residence, a detailed understanding of everyone in the youth work, study and life, and the presence of the aid young cadres shook hands on all cadres to aid youth youth work welcome. He said that the counterpart aid is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee and strategic deployment, the central decision-making is correct, we come to Qinghai is worth it. Every young cadres are carrying the ideal, with dreams came to Qinghai, in the green three years of experience will be a lifetime of wealth.

Wang Jianjun said, Qinghai conditions are difficult, the body is a test of perseverance is a test of loneliness is a test of the ability to test. Each youth cadres are a seed, the provincial government has high hopes for everyone. I hope you think of Qinghai as a second home, love the land, love to play their own advantages, as in the tough environment, experience will make contributions in the performance of their duties, rich life in Youth assistance practice, the first-class performance in Qinghai, the excellent way to stay in Qinghai, have a good reputation in Qinghai with, play and dedication to achieve their life values. He said that the provincial government will as in the past to attach great importance to aid youth work, care aid youth cadres, dedicated to create favorable conditions in the work, to provide good protection in life, so that we feel the original unit, feel the feeling of home second.

Hu Changsheng, Yang Fengchun together to visit.