Xining Municipal Health Bureau evaluation and acceptance of Ping An hospital to create activities

recently, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau on the unit safe hospital to create work carried out evaluation and acceptance, Xining First People’s Hospital, Xining Second People’s Hospital of Xining City, the third people’s Hospital, Xining stomatological hospital, Chinese medicine hospital in Xining city 5 units won the Xining Municipal Health Bureau "safe hospital" title.

the evaluation aims to create activities by conducting safe hospital, strengthen the hospital security ability, improve the quality of medical services, prevention of various types of conflicts and disputes, to combat malicious disrupt the behavior of medical order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of both doctors and patients, maintain normal medical order, building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, to promote the healthy development of medical and health services.

through the evaluation in detail, the board hospital established the leading group to create safe hospital, to develop the implementation plan, the center and the functional department signed a liability form, make a clear division of labor, concerted efforts. At the same time, strengthen the interaction with the public security, urban management, industry and commerce, environmental protection and other departments to manage the surrounding environment and health, noise interference, to ensure smooth road, to create a good environment for medical treatment. Through the efforts of a few months has been completed a large number of specific work, establish and improve the ledger information, security system and security work long-term mechanism.