Xining environmental sanitation engineering a number of horse of the year will be completed within 3

in order to further improve the garbage disposal standards, improve infrastructure, the trend of harmless, reduction and recycling of waste disposal of the city, the city of Xining gradually built up a waste treatment system by combining sanitary landfill, incineration and recycling and comprehensive utilization. The next two years, a number of sanitation projects will be launched.

August 14th, the reporter learned from the Xining urban management administrative law enforcement bureau, from the beginning of this year, the implementation of a total investment of 116 million yuan Xining municipal solid waste landfill and sanitation facilities expansion project. The project mainly includes the collection and disposal of leachate in Xining landfill site, and the construction of the waste harmless treatment plant and 70 garbage transfer stations.

which is located in the North District of stone Lei village on the west side of Xining city two kilometers Liujiagou landfill (two) construction projects, a total investment of 39 million yuan, the design capacity of 2 million 400 thousand cubic meters, daily processing 400 tons of garbage. At present, has completed the drainage pipe culvert concrete foundation and road engineering. After completion of the project, not only has the seepage, leachate collection and processing functions, will also configure garbage trucks, bulldozers, loaders sprinkler, tumbril, garbage fees and other metering equipment.

to solve urban high, infrastructure and rural villages on the outskirts of the weak, waste collection and transportation disorder problem, the overall improvement of Xining city garbage harmless treatment level, the next two years, Xining will be in Xining city urban high, villages and rural construction of 70 transfer stations. Currently, the first batch of open tender 19 garbage transfer station, there are already completed the main body of the 16, the year can be built in the garbage transfer station 33. After the completion of the project, covering the whole city of Xining domestic waste collection and transportation system.