Xining’s first three years of college planning baked

reporter from January 6th informed the development of occupation education in our city, the meeting was informed that the total investment of 100 million yuan in Xining city of Career Technical College for three years (2015 -2017) development plan has been released, according to the plan, and within three years, a total investment of 1.1 million yuan to implement the school infrastructure, teachers, information five the construction project, the province vocational education special funds accounted for 90%, local matching funds accounted for 10%.
– Infrastructure: plans to build two buildings on the basis of the original training building, each training building construction area of 6600 square meters, can accommodate 2000 students for practical operation; at the same time the construction of 5000 square meters and expand the school playground, green area, complete the new professional training room facilities, is expected to three years a total investment of 37 million 160 thousand yuan. The professional construction in 12 professional foundation of the existing application of chemical technology, electromechanical integration, numerical control technology, software technology, tourism management, advertising and exhibition, preschool education, plans to increase the number of vehicle inspection and maintenance technology, city rail transit operation management and other emerging professional. The construction of training room: – according to the development trend, the urgent need to complete the 16 professional training venues and facilities construction, plans to invest 64 million 79 thousand and 100 yuan within three years, mainly for the new training room and the purchase of new equipment, professional training of professional training room and the transformation of the original training room. Teacher team building: plan to 2017, the proportion of teachers to obtain a master’s degree of 50%, double the proportion of teachers with a teacher of up to 60%, is expected to reach all kinds of training in the past 837 years, training costs of $3 million 707 thousand. Information construction: 6 million yuan is expected to invest $three. It is reported that, as the city’s first only university, the school after 8 months of construction, has formed a hospital three school running pattern, school enrollment of 1083 people, to Xining’s economic and social development as the goal, is focused on building the longitudinal connection (in one, the high connectivity), lateral (joint cooperation and Development Group) "of the modern occupation education mode.