The industry has shown good momentum of poverty alleviation

of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Guinan county continuously adjust and optimize the industry structure in poor areas, to take a variety of forms focus on supporting the poor village industrial base construction, relying on the development of leading enterprises, and actively build "one village one product, a township industry special industry development pattern, in recent years, a total investment of 118 million yuan to implement poverty alleviation demonstration park, poverty alleviation and catering City photovoltaic power plant construction project.

at present, a total investment of 25 million yuan of town poverty alleviation Industry Demonstration Park forest construction project has completed an investment of 10 million yuan, is expected to put into operation in September, this project can make the 346 poor households filing riser annual average household income of more than 2100 yuan; a total investment of 90 million yuan for poverty alleviation photovoltaic power plant construction project has been fully completed, and the grid, there will be 556 precise poverty poor households filing riser in return for 20 years; a total investment of 3 million 295 thousand yuan over the role of village, Ma Ying Zhen Hai village catering straight city construction project has completed an investment of 500 thousand yuan, the end of October delivery, the project can be directly driven by 258 (912) annual average household income of more than 2300 poor households yuan.