The dust reduced the road

more than a month ago, Metropolis Daily had reported the Xichuan Road, Tianjin Road, Huangzhong Road South extension of the dust pollution. Time has passed more than a month, how to improve the effectiveness of these roads dust pollution remediation –

Xichuan Road: muck car crazy is no longer

– the first time: September 18th
– watch the scene: 21, 11 pm, one of the busy road xichuan. Standing on the side of the road, looking ahead, all the way to see the oncoming car. Compared with a month ago to see the scene now, Xichuan road gives the first impression is less dust, clean the road. Change
for Xichuan Road, sanitation workers master Chen in the eyes. Master Chen at 5 every day to Xichuan road sweeping the road. Before, when it was still dark, a lot of cars on the road to pull earth xichuan. Because most of these cars is not the tarpaulin cover on the road, brings a lot of difficulties for cleaning the road. Recently pulled the earth less cars, even if there is a pull earthwork car, airtight measures do well, falling less.
"Xichuan road dust pollution long-standing. Let a person feel gratified is, after the government departments make great efforts to remediation, Xichuan road dust pollution has improved." Live in Xichuan Road, Mr. Yang said, he often go to see the sprinkler in sprinkler, hopefully it would continue to make public travel, no longer subject to dust problems.

: Tianjin road green belt green

– the first time: September 9th