Xining city leaders to check the safety of water and electricity production

February 7th morning, Xining City Vice Mayor Xu Guocheng in city administration, transportation, Economic Commission and other departments responsible persons accompanied by in-depth Datong County Chengguan town center, passenger transportation company, Datong County in Xining city in fourth water sources, Xining power grid dispatching room, Xining petroleum Gas Co Qaidam Road gas station etc., production safety inspection, visit to adhere to the front line staff.

in Datong County, Datong County Chengguan town of passenger transport center and passenger transport company, Xu Guocheng asked in detail about the aspects of traffic, vehicle safety, reserve capacity, holiday duty and emergency plan etc. the situation, asked the city’s traffic management departments at all levels to focus on city to county, county to Township, the township passenger service and safety management work during the Spring Festival to ensure road passenger safety, stable and orderly.

in power dispatching of Xining power supply company room, fourth water and oil Gas Co Qaidam Road gas station, Xu Guocheng pointed out that to do a good job in all public utilities service guarantee and market supply, the utility enterprises should further strengthen the management of production safety during the festival. At the same time, to ensure the safe operation of municipal public facilities.

in the province of sundry products company 71 fireworks sales department in the inspection, Xu Guocheng asked relevant departments to further strengthen the fireworks storage, transportation and sales of safety supervision, to ensure the safety of people’s life and property. (author: Xiao Yu)