Xining 10 million yuan to help farmers build a small barn

previously hit the wheat is not good storage, sun and rain insects eat rat bite a lot of losses, and sometimes the price is too low to sell quickly. Now, most of the government funds to help farmers build a small barn". Recently, according to the Xining Municipal Food Bureau, this year, the city will start the construction of scientific grain farmers work, the first batch of 20 thousand farmers to build a small barn to help farmers better store grain.

farmers’ scientific grain storage construction will take the form of a combination of central financial subsidies, local governments at all levels and the farmers themselves. At present, Haidong Prefecture scientific grain pilot has been carried out, my city in the investigation and promotion for farmers scientific grain related knowledge basis, actively seek state funds, will be the first in Huangzhong to start the work before harvest, to ensure quality and quantity to complete the 20 thousand small granary building tasks, investment of about 10 million yuan, to help farmers scientific grain reduce food losses, improve the farmers’ enthusiasm of scientific and technical level of grain storage.

it is reported that the construction of a small granary has begun to implement some of the rural areas in Huangzhong County, a small steel plate for the production of a household, can hold more than 2 thousand pounds of grain, the construction of small grain farmers voluntary application. After the completion of the granary, the relevant departments will carry out the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the project, and the situation of the granary of farmers to establish a file storage, tracking services.