Xining fire deployed eighteen fire safety work

Xining city police fire brigade to implement eighteen fire safety battle television and telephone conference held in the Ministry of public security fire department attaches great importance to act quickly, with the Xining fire situation, the fire security work of research and deployment. It is reported that the Xining fire department with the highest standards, the most stringent requirements, the strongest efforts, pay close attention to fire hazard investigation and remediation and fire rescue forces, strict management, and resolutely safeguard the city’s fire situation is stable, create a harmonious fire security environment for the party’s eighteen big victory held.

During the battle of

, at all levels of Xining City Fire Department will always put the fire hazard investigation and remediation in the first place to work, and urge social units to implement the main responsibility for fire safety, fire safety generally carry out self-examination; increase the "small place" of the inspection, supervision and guidance of "small place" to try to improve the basic fire safety conditions, strict control of fire further work; grasp the major fire hazard remediation, to the centralized government listed remediation of a number of major fire hazard units, one by one clear and specific corrective measures and deadlines, and resolutely prevent serious fire accidents.