Xining Railway Station to start the construction of the transition line

The day before, the Xining Railway Station station renovation project carried out smoothly, the transition line started construction. The project will be completed by the middle of next month after the train is scheduled to be completed by the middle of next month.

reporter yesterday from the Qinghai Tibet railway hub of Xining Railway Station renovation project construction headquarters learned new Xining Railway Station scale according to the line 17 line, the other 4; basic platform 1, intermediate platform 8 planning and construction. The station by the side line station, elevated station building and platform canopy, between the station and the platform, through the elevated waiting hall and underground channel connected; in accordance with the order of the transition program, and will be divided into high-speed elevated station building field and speed field area; the station building height of 42.09 meters, a total construction area of 131276 square meters.


entered the station, the line side of the glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall decoration. The elevated station at the end of last year, the underground passage engineering structure of elevated station building has completed the main structure. After the completion of the transition line, the train will pass from the elevated station, Xining Railway Station station field and overhead part can be comprehensive construction. (author: Ni Xiaoying)