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in July 30th, the fifth member conference of the Xining women intellectuals association. At the meeting, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation and Xining female intellectuals Association joint sisters to the majority of women and family members of the initiative: "I do civilized people of Xining" as their responsibility, social morality, civilized citizen; occupation morality, do civilized worker; family virtue, do civilized member.

"proposal" for the majority of the city’s women and family members should strictly abide by social morality, social morality norms according to requirements of the work, ready to participate in social welfare activities, helping vulnerable groups. We should take good care of collective property and urban cultural relics and historic sites, public facilities, safeguard national natural resources and natural environment, strictly abide by the laws and disciplines, and consciously abide by and maintain public order. To love their own work, to establish the idea of serving the people wholeheartedly. Enhance the sense of dedication, enhance the sense of social responsibility. To zunlaoaiyou, equality, harmony, thrifty, neighborhood unity. To continue to develop and improve the quality of their own conduct, for the country to teach children moral education. We should take an active part in the national fitness campaign and advocate a healthy, scientific and civilized way of life. To continue to enhance the personal character training, consciously participate in the quality of the people to enhance the activities of the family and others to set an example.