28200 new jobs this year

March 13th, the city held the meeting of human resources and social security work in the city, the reporter learned from the meeting, this year the city will promote urban and rural workers full employment and employment service enterprises as the starting point, and strive to 28200 new jobs for urban, rural and pastoral areas labor employment 310 thousand people, among them should previous graduates overall employment rate 87%.

guide college graduates employment: this year the city will be market-oriented employment, closely combined with the actual situation in Xining, the employment of college graduates to adapt to the market mechanism, improve the ability to recruit candidates for training. Further promote the construction of college graduates employment trainee base. Strengthen employment guidance services to encourage college graduates to actively integrate into the market, into the grassroots.

* entrepreneurship to promote employment: the city will further increase entrepreneurship support and entrepreneurship services, creating a national entrepreneurial atmosphere. Municipal entrepreneurship incubator base in October this year, put into operation, the annual internal force for 100 small and micro enterprises settled in the base of the incubator. During the year, the East District, the north of the city, the city will be built into a business incubation base for college students, Datong County, Huangzhong County, Huangyuan county to build an entrepreneurial training base.

– occupation training for employment is more "quality": I will also focus on Farmers’ training and employment training is not to promote the employment of college graduates, employment skills training, job skills training and entrepreneurship training.

– the effort to support Small and micro businesses: this year the city will also solve practical problems Small and micro businesses, the development of small and micro enterprises for services, through a dedicated, professional training institutions, improve the management level of Small and micro businesses, positive cash support Small and micro businesses to develop job subsidies and social security subsidies and other policies.