Five measures for ecological planning and layout

Blue sky and green water, green building through which, in order to reflect the concept of ecological protection in housing construction. Recently, the Provincial Department of construction, strengthen the protection of land resources, water resources, ecological environment and other resource requirements in the future will be the construction preparation, provincial important resource and ecological environment protection as the mandatory content planning, build ecological security spatial layout and adapt to the urban layout. Set up the concept of green low carbon city development, strictly control the scale of urban and rural construction land, per capita land use indicators, protect the natural landscape pattern, strengthen the construction of urban ecological environment. Planning road red, green building, green river water control blue line, the construction of public facilities and cultural relics protection of the yellow line purple line, the nature of land use planning and city green line conditions to strengthen the management of construction projects, to ensure the smooth implementation of urban and rural planning in strict accordance with the law. Implementation of green building action plan to establish a market mechanism and financial incentives to encourage the combination of mechanisms to improve the relevant industries, enterprises and consumers. According to local conditions, on the basis of actively introducing, digesting and absorbing the advanced green building technology at home and abroad, the paper focuses on the selection and creation of the green building technology suitable for the native land, and the localization of the green road. To set up the declaration of scenic areas and strengthen our province Kanbula national scenic area set up the declaration. Accelerate the establishment of provincial scenic spots. The completion of the master plan of Datong mountain and Tianjun Mountain Scenic spot. Do a good job in Delingha 4 scenic spots such as cypress hill declared the establishment of the fifth batch of provincial-level scenic spots. To increase the intensity of urban air pollution control efforts to do all kinds of construction of urban built-up areas, demolition of the site of the enclosure, hardening, watering, transportation vehicles clean and green site or cover the five 100%". To strengthen the urban planning area, engaged in construction waste dumping, transportation, transit, backfilling, consumption, the use of disposal activities and supervision, to reduce the impact on the environment. Increase the urban sewage and garbage treatment to guide the country to carry out good urban green building, waterlogging, water, environmental remediation and waste drainage and sewage treatment facilities construction work. Implementation of urban living garbage, sewage treatment fee system, research and development of urban living garbage, sewage treatment facilities, financial subsidies to improve the quality of urban living garbage and sewage treatment.