Hao Peng in the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone stressed that the innovation as

to promote the sustained and healthy development of the economy is one of the major requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping investigation in Qinghai. In August 31st, governor Hao Peng to speed up the supply side of how to deepen the structural reform, the formation of the major issues in the economic system and mode of development with innovation as the main guidance and support, to Xining economic and Technological Development Zone in-depth research. Hao Peng stressed that the core position in the development of global innovation, relying on scientific and technological innovation to promote new energy and new materials and other strategic emerging industries to accelerate the development, transformation and upgrading, sustained and healthy economic development to build a new engine, new construction support.

in the photovoltaic industry as the leading industrial park, Hao Peng came to Qinghai branch of the new energy testing center, a detailed understanding of the situation of photovoltaic products testing. He pointed out that the third party institution is to guide the development of the industry, enhance the important technical support for product quality and reputation, to foster a number of high-tech enterprises and inspection platform in the new energy industry, accelerate key technology research. A branch in the Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Company of new energy, Hao Peng learned that enterprises have basically mastered the promotion of electronic grade polysilicon quality technology, he is very happy, to encourage enterprises to further increase R & D efforts to support long-term development. Hao Peng pointed out that the Qinghai sunshine and heat resources enrichment, the development of photovoltaic industry is richly endowed by nature conditions, according to the important instructions of General Secretary Xi of Qinghai photovoltaic industry development of the spirit, to further improve the top-level design, vigorously develop solar power products, and strive to build photovoltaic industry chain, the PV industry has developed into a pillar industry scale the advantage, efficiency advantage, market advantage characteristics, to make Qinghai a national important new energy industry base.

in lithium battery, photoelectric industry led the Nanchuan Industrial Park, Hao Peng has come to shengnuo photoelectric technology company and Yu crystal technology company, inspect the production condition of the enterprise, understand the high purity alumina, sapphire crystal and other products market prospects, and the technical staff in-depth conversation, ask the introduction of talents, science and technology research and development, said that he launched a new on the side edge of the enterprise product development practices. Hao Peng said that the development of aluminum based, magnesium based and other new materials industry, we extend the industrial chain, the development of circular economy, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of important initiatives. To further promote the industrial processes, technology, technology innovation, the development of electronic information, new chemical and new alloy as the main direction of the new material industry, foster industrial clusters, continue to make new breakthroughs in the development of circular economy.

Hao Peng in the survey stressed that innovation is the key to support the supply side structural reform, to strengthen the education in science and technology, talent, etc. "at first, spare no effort to catch up ideas, building a business oriented, market-oriented, combining the research of innovation system, strengthen the innovative talents, innovation platform, innovation capacity building, and promote scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces, to solve the structural problems restricting the development through innovation, rely on innovation to lead and support the sustained and healthy economic development, and strive to achieve the" corner overtaking".

Wang Xiao, Yang Fengchun together research.