From five festive meals to see how the public holiday

Holiday reunion dinner let family return;

authentic rice farmers to the city people’s Congress sinseong hoe……

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scenic beauty of an invigorating autumn climate, Qinghai has attracted many tourists in National Day during this tour, drink tea, eat mutton, unique Qinghai delicacy for many tourists have a thumbs up. Little Yang Shiming tourists from Guangzhou, he said, to Qinghai tourism have been directed at the spectacular and beautiful scenery, did not expect to come here for three days, here has been attracted by the delicacy, in three days, he has tasted all kinds of Qinghai delicacy, what the mutton, GA, yogurt patch niangpi, grains, sweet, yak jerky, let him eat enough, he bluntly love in Qinghai special holidays, people here are particularly enthusiastic, and through this delicacy feel a festive culture.