Built during the year in Xining network platform to prevent corruption under the lights black

April 7th, according to the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Propaganda Department staff, the end of the year will be built in Xining covering the city, the county level network reporting platform, a full range of anti-corruption.

this year, Xining city will urge the coordination group to guide County anti-corruption work adjustment of personnel, improve the rules of procedure, conscientiously implement the central office "on the investigating staff suspected of Party members and strengthen cooperation and coordination of the opinion" violation of the law in criminal cases, strengthen the clues for the establishment, in collaboration with the public security, procuratorial and Audit Department of coordination mechanism, the formation of the overall anti-corruption efforts. Improve tracking supervision mechanism, coordination of anti-corruption coordination group to determine the matter, to carry out regular supervision and inspection, strict accountability. Guiding counties and towns to strengthen the network reporting platform construction, completed before the end of the city and county level network reporting platform; 2016 completed by the end of the city and county and township network reporting platform, network reporting platform, city, county and township level three full coverage problem; to further broaden the source of clues, before the end of April this year the County Commission for Discipline Inspection to set up a sound problem clues collective evaluation system, five types of clues disposal in strict accordance with the provisions of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the disposition; guiding the county, township discipline establishment and improvement, do lead to joint handling, cross handling, handling and other cooperation mechanisms in the year before the end of June, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Based on handling the cooperation area, and actively explore the discipline the reform and innovation of integrated power handling, supervision mode.

at the same time, urge the County Commission for Discipline Inspection at the end of the first set reasonable layout, complete function of the fixed conversation room; guiding urge the County Commission for discipline inspection strictly in accordance with the law to carry out work at the beginning of the nucleus, investigation, qualitative discipline etc.. Guiding the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and strict discipline inspection and supervision of cadres entrance, constantly improve the structure of cadres, grasp the database of the personnel handling construction; organized case management system software operation and personnel training business, will be in three years of Xining city discipline inspection organs investigators generally received again; to supervise and coordinate the County Commission for Discipline Inspection set up reasonable handling business mechanism. Full line handling power; strengthen the township discipline construction to guide the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the township Discipline Committee for Discipline Inspection, deputy secretary of Party committee of villages and towns no longer serve as secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission; to further improve and perfect the responsibility of Party building assessment system, strengthen the work of investigating the case in the clean and honest assessment of the weight; to strengthen the implementation of the work of discipline the supervision and inspection, in violation of work discipline and related personnel cases seriously investigated Responsibility, and resolutely prevent the black under the lights".