42 of the province put the tube service reform focus on the smooth progress of the task

focus on reform progressing smoothly. Completion of the province’s investment projects online parallel approval platform. Take a large provincial centralized mode of platform construction, based on the central platform and longitudinally, lateral Unicom relevant provincial departments of examination and approval, longitudinal connecting city county departments of examination and approval, to achieve three full coverage". Since November 26, 2015, the province’s online examination and approval of the regulatory platform since the trial run, a total of 647 upload platform to run the project, to participate in the examination and approval of the region, the Department of the 543.

to further promote the reform of fees and charges. Conscientiously implement the policies and measures of countries generally lower fees, cancellation, stop sign and exempt from administrative fees and government funds 83, May 2016, cancel the original ore products of Qinghai Province, ecological compensation, so far, the provincial administrative fees are set to zero, leaving only 140 administrative charges in the central set. Continue to consolidate the "paid up registered capital subscribed for change" and "annual inspection reform" and "the proband according after the first photo card," three in one, a photo of a code such as the results of the reform, and constantly optimize the business environment.

orderly promotion of double random open regulatory reform. In accordance with the State Council on the local government at or above the county level to come up with a single, two base, a detailed "this year, above random matters of years to reach the Department of market regulation and law enforcement matters 70%, more than 50% other administrative enforcement matters, and strive to basically achieve full coverage" next year, the timely issuance of the "implementation plan", actively promote the orderly. Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce in accordance with the principle of a network collection, two-way service, complete a centralized data center in the province, the construction of enterprise credit information publicity system and enterprise credit information collaborative supervision system two platforms. The establishment of a list of market players and the province’s 45 members of the interoperability mechanism, networking units can share with the industry and commerce departments to use the list of market players. Meanwhile, the industrial and commercial bureau of relying on corporate credit information platform to install Yaohao system for each department to carry out double random sampling and the joint inspection of government organizations at all levels to create the conditions.