Land department to the state decentralization of 10 non metallic mineral mining rights approval auth

to thoroughly implement the spirit of the administrative examination and approval system reform, decentralization policy response, further strengthen the state, the administrative department of land and resources management functions, the provincial land and resources department recently issued the "notice", authorizes the state (city) land and resources department approval and registration of mining rights relating to definite provisions, to the state city amplification of rocks, limestone, quartz rock and other 10 non metal mineral mining rights approval authority. This is the Provincial Department of land and resources on the decentralization of the approval authority for mining rights issued second documents.

according to reports, the Provincial Department of land resources of the state authority (city) level of approval issued by the competent department of land resources of marble, limestone, quartzite, dolomite, granite, slate, wollastonite, gypsum and mirabilite and serpentinite (stone) 10 minerals mining license. And the provisions of the mining right has been authorized by the office of the approval issued by the mineral mining licenses, mining rights transfer, change, continuation of registration by the mining rights to mine the prefecture (city) level apply for the departments of land and resources.

Provincial Department of land and resources in the "notice" requirements of the state (city) land and resources departments in strict accordance with the laws and regulations and the scope of the scope of the notice issued by the approval of the mining license issued, is strictly prohibited unauthorized license. Authorization to approve mining rights shall not be re authorized. If the mining license is issued in violation of the law, the responsibility of the issuing organ and the person directly responsible shall be investigated according to law.