The tourism industry of Xining New Year

recently held a reporter from the Xining municipal tourism work conference that this year, Xining city will build service center, Chinese wolfberry health Garden industrial tourism shopping, fine repertoire to the community, led by China on hundred travel wholesalers to Nanjing step on the line 4 project, the new building of Xining city tourism new look.

at present, Xining city tourism develops rapidly, need a certain amount of service center this year, the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau will accelerate the construction of service center, service center will be established to provide individual counseling, guide assignment, tourism law enforcement information release and other public service, the tourists can understand Xining City restaurants, hotels, transportation, in the shopping information service center.

tourism products is a major dilemma of tourism in Xining, Xining this year will focus on the implementation of the construction of Chinese wolfberry health industry tourism and shopping venues, providing high-end shopping places for tourists.

in recent years, with the increase of the effect of the cultural industry of tourism, tourism sector this year will cooperate with the Cultural Department of "heaven" and other short horizon cultural tourism repertoire, and travel agency after docking performances for tourists. Performance is not limited to the city, the scenic area will also be performing group performances. At the same time, this year will also promote the intangible cultural heritage project into the scenic area, to achieve more than 3A level scenic non heritage full coverage, so that visitors to Xining scenic spots while enjoying the scenery, but also appreciate the charm of our province’s culture.

this year, Xining City Tourism Bureau will lead the national hundred travel wholesalers to Xining line, through the line, between the two travel agencies to achieve cross-border development, bundled marketing. (author: Ma Rong)