Qinghai Province Xining Radio Management Office Management Office study of the spirit of the meetin

10 the morning of 20 August, the Xining management organizations of all Party members and cadres to seriously study the radio management system to carry out the "service for people striving for excellence" spirit mobilization meeting. Requirements management of all Party members and cadres to deeply understand the spirit of the meeting, to fully understand the significance of the "service for the people to excel activities in the province’s radio management system, combined with the actual work, highlighting the characteristics of the industry, to ensure the effectiveness of the activities.

Xining Management Office on the unit to carry out public service excellence "activities to make specific arrangements. One is based on a thorough understanding of the spirit of the meeting on the combination of Xining City radio management work, study and formulate feasible "public service excellence" programme of activities; two is in accordance with the meeting request, strengthen the activities of the organization and leadership, to set up management director for the first responsible person for the people "service excel activities leading group, a clear liaison, leadership and organization activities and is responsible for the overall work of the information submitted, to ensure that the campaign is effective; three is the key to carry out" three studies, three, three, three than the light built three security "activities, strengthening learning awareness, enhance the sense of professionalism and responsibility, truly the performance of their duties and create advanced positions based on good competition, and constantly improve the radio management service level; four is a combination of study and implement the spirit of the Thirteenth Party Congress of the city And the municipal government office of the party "chuangxianzhengyou", "self construction", "three three no" theme of practical activities, to find out the meeting point, highlighting its own characteristics, we will carry out the "public service excellence" activities in depth.