Wind makes our city PM2 5 concentration by half

affected by cold air, 18 at night, the wind blew in our city, the city after a night of wind baptism, the morning of the 19 day, out of the house of people obviously feel the air quality improved a lot, the sky has become bright many, the reporter learned from the municipal environmental monitoring station, to continue to plague the fine day multi day air in our city (PM2.5) concentration decreased by half.

it is understood that every January and December is the coldest month of the city, all kinds of pollutant gas emissions of coal-fired heating quantity is the maximum, without considering the external influence under the condition of the two months of the year is the annual air quality in our city the worst month.

after strong pollution control, the city’s air quality in January this year and how? Reporters learned from the municipal environmental monitoring station, the first 19 days, the city’s air quality has been good for the past 13 days. But due to the impact of recent wind, temperature inversion and other adverse weather conditions, the pollutant diffusion conditions worse, motor vehicle exhaust, coal-fired heating gas soot produced by exhaust gas and other pollutants near the ground are not easily dispersed, fine particles in the air (PM2.5) occurrence accumulation effect of fine particles, resulting in high concentration (PM2.5), 19 days in the primary pollutant is fine particulate matter (PM2.5) the number of days accounted for 12 days. With the impact of cold air on the evening of 18, a strong wind to visit our city, the same day at 21, the data show that the monitoring site, fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentration value decreased by about 50%. Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) down, can present the city around a large area of farmland and bare, although wind blew away the dirty air, but raised the size of inhalable particles larger (PM10), yesterday, PM10 has become the primary pollutant of air quality in our city.

environmental monitoring Zhanfuzhanchang Wang Wei said, 19 days in our city air visibility is better than a few days ago, before the smoggy air sense has been swept away, but rely on cold air to improve air quality after all, not a permanent solution, for the common blue sky, he advised the public to low-carbon travel, minimize don’t drive, at the same time, waste incineration, Bacillus subtilis at random, so that the common polished blue sky.